AIA#124 Saturday Morning… And why Starbucks is better.


I usually get a Starbucks coffee before work on Saturday.  Saturday’s are long for me.  But I decided to go to a different cafe before work early in the morning.

The cafe I went to is very nice inside, posh if you will.  It would be a place you could take a date.  I walked in and smelled the bread, (I can’t eat bread because of the gluten.) Ahh… but the smell of bread is so nice.  The coffee machines gleamed as the guy prepared my order.   He even ground the beans first.  SO I anticipated a decent Americano. It took a while for the guy to prepare it.  After all I was the first customer.  He handed me the order in a nicely designed cup.

And… I was disappointed with the flavour.  The taste was too bitter.  Oh well.. I thought as I sat down. I sat down outside and enjoyed the early morning.  Joggers running by, people walk their dogs all the usually Saturday morning stuff people do. They worked during the week but today they were free to do as they wished.  I enjoyed myself just sitting there.

I studied a little Japanese from a youtube video and tried to enjoy my coffee.  The cafe is really nice though.  However, next time I’ll go to Starbucks.


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