AIA#125 They are blocking me! | (Me crying over the internets)


Recently, I’ve had some trouble connecting to the internet.  It took me a while to get back on. I won’t bore you with the details but they like to block anything US based.

But I’m back on and very happy to be back.  I enjoy life in China but if I couldn’t get on the (Western) internet I’d have to leave.

What’s been going on since then?  Hmmm… just daily life stuff.  I’m back in the gym and feeling good.  Gyms are relatively inexpensive here and I found one with a sauna. Saunas   make me happy!  It’s funny what makes me happy now days. LOL! But I love it.  Taking a cold shower after a sauna is amazing.

I was talking to someone that I know who is retired. I asked them about their day and they said, “Well… it was nothing exciting. I wen to the store, then went here and there.”

Well, who ever promised us our lives would be exciting?  Why do we think our lives should be exciting?  I guess I’ve been think about this word lately, “excitement”.

I can’t say my day was exciting but I can say it was good.  Actually, it was great!

Peace and Love,


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