AIA#126 Fuse ball | Mexican food in Asia


I met a friend last night for Mexican food.

When I walked into the restaurant I could;t see him so I thought he was a little late.  He messaged me to say he was up stairs and would come down and find me.

When he walked down the stairs I could see his smiling face.

He’s always smiling and joyful.  I don’t don’t know why but the African people I meet in Asia are always very joyful.  It’s a reminder to me to try to be a little more joyful.

He brought to his table and introduced me to his friend also from Africa.  His dreads flocked about as he shook my hand.

We sat down and talked NBA, American music, and life as an expat.

I told a story about living in LA.  I was standing in line, with some friends,  for a nice club in LA and looked over. There was a guy with a girl in line.  My friend nudged me as said “That’s ______ from the Lakers!”.  Being a Lakers fan, he was so excited. But I had no idea who the guy was! To me he was just a guy in line at the club.  

We order quesadillas and ate them as soon as they arrived.

Later we played some fuse ball and I actually had a lot fun.  I haven’t played fuse ball  in years.

It’s funny how much fun fuse ball can be.

Peace and Love -Ace



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