AIA#127 Leaving China, Japan, & virus panic



Well… it’s been something of an adventure for sure.

Adventure is not always fun.

My time in China was just about over when the virus hit.  I was pretty far from that area however the whole country slowly went on locked down.

At first most of the restaurants closed, then the shopping malls, then Starbucks closed.  It doesn’t seem like that big of deal, but it got boring  quickly.  Then they barricaded the apartment complexes and had police check points in order to go in and out.

At the grocery stores they check your temperature before you could go in.  I was actually waiting to get my documents in the mail so I could apply to get my Japanese visa in Shanghai.  Well, I decided that because the mail systems has slowed I should probably get my documents sent to Korea and apply for my visa there.

Which I did….

Then I went to the airport to leave I was packed and ready to go.  I had gotten rid of as many clothes and things I didn’t need in order to lighten my luggage. After all I have just about everything I own in only a few bags.



When I go to the airport I was stunned… The place was empty.  Chinese people travel quite a bit and there were not many people in the place.  It was a weird feeling for sure, like something out of a zombie movie.  I passed the tempture check and made my way in with my luggage.

After about and hour I was on the plane to Seoul and very happy to be leaving China.

I wasn’t so much worried about getting the virus as much as a possible travel ban or the closing of airports or the possibility of flight cancellations due to the virus.

I’m very happy to have made it to Japan.  It took time to find a job and get my visa.

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