AIA#129 Living in a cubicle….



Recently, I was in my hostel where I am currently living temporarily, (I wonder if anyone lives in hostels permanently?)…anyway so I’m in my little cubicle and just thinking, “Hmm, so this is what my life has come to? Living in a cubicle?…”  I know its temporary but still…. Most people my age have a decent house or an apartment.  They have big TVs and decent sized kitchens, 3 rooms, 2.5 baths, ect.

And…then I thought, well these are the choices I’ve made. A lot of people want to travel more that have those things but they are tied to them.  They talk of one day taking a trip to Rome or France or whatever, but in reality those things probably won’t happen.  I’m not hating but still.

Then I thought back to to my first office gig, fresh out of University.  I landed a graphic design job designing junk mail.  I had a decent salary, not great but I paid the bills and it wasn’t bad.  I had a little window that looked out on to a field and nice wooded area.  I’d look out the window and watch for birds or wildlife of some kind but I never saw any. For a few years, I work at my computer and did my job well.  All the people I worked with were decent they treated me well and I thought maybe one day I’ll take a trip to Japan and see all the temples and go to Kyoto and see the rock gardens there.  But I never did.

Then one day our office moved and my window was gone.  There was no sunlight coming into the office.  It changed everything, I just couldn’t stay anymore.  And I turned in my two week notice.

I had another job lined up pressure washing houses.  It was alright but I didn’t make as much money and couldn’t pay the bills.  It was not a good time.  And soon I moved back in with my parents for a little while.

Then I gotta job in Korea, teaching English.  It was my first time out of the states.  Moving to Incheon, Korea was a total culture shock.

The job wasn’t easy. Long hours and loud kids but it was alright.

One night I went out with some folks to Bubeyong.  The lights at night blazed the night sky.  Neon everywhere you looked.  Tons of drunk Koreans out on the town on the streets.   I fell in love with streets of Asia that night…and now I can’t get enough of Asia.

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