AIA#132 MUSIC: Hope for J-pop, experimental Electronic and Juicy beats


Recently, I found out about CHANMINA.  She’s is Japan’s answer to Nicki Minaj.  She mixes rap, pop and other genres nicely, for a blend that always hits home.  Rapping and singing over delicious pop melodies.  There’s hope for J-pop yet!

Autechre Album: Untilted (2005)

Recently, I’ve been revisiting Autechre’s Untilted.  This electronic duo puts together an organic sounding mix of beats and sounds that always seem to delight me.  Autechre walk the path of experimental beats along with an accessible sounds and music.



Overmono is one of my latest favourites found via Spotify.  They dice up juicy beats but don’t depend on them.  They mix traditional drum beats, IDM and house for a fantastic ride into the still progressive would of electronic music.  Overmono proves there’s still plenty of room for new and exciting songs via the electro landscape.

Giant Swan

Giant Swan take use distorted vocals and beats in order to drive a simple yet effective punk/pop/house sound.  Think Crystal Castles with more emphasis on beats.   Good music for parties and your headphones.

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