AIA#136 My return to Japan and Why I love refrigerators!



At last, I moved into my new apartment.  It took some time but I found a decent place.  It’s small, but very new a clean.  After living in hostels for the past month I was happy to move in.  I put my bags inside and began unpacking.

I unloaded my clothes, computer, some coffee I brought,  hats, winter clothing, a jean jacket and my priceless blender.  I looked all my stuff and thought about how little I had compared to most people. Besides about six boxes back home, this was everything I owned.

After configuring the wifi, I looked around the apartment at the clean bathroom, the brand new looking furniture, fridge, the flat screen TV, and everything.  I didn’t have a fridge at my last apartment in China, so I was very happy to have one.  It’s funny how an everyday item can make you happy!  My apartment in china was so dirty, as though someone had lived there and never cleaned then they just moved out.  The broken bed, stained floors and counter tops.  I tried to clean it but it always looked pretty bad.  I haven’t lived in many places that looked as nice as this apartment.  Living in a nice clean place has an effect on you.

It’s one of the perks of living in Japan.  Most apartments are clean and well kept even if they are old and not in the best areas.  The same goes for the 7-11 stores, restaurants, streets and other places.  Japanese people are very clean and they have a respect for cleanliness.  It’s one of the reasons I love Japan and the Japanese culture.

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