AIA#137 Addiction and Friends back home…



I heard a good quote recently, the person said, “Addiction extends past the abuser/user and to those around them in many ways.” It’s true.

An old friend called me last week.  I hadn’t talk to him in ages.  He had a few drinks and it was very late where he was calling from.  We exchanged travelling stories and he laughed at a few of my.  He was in good spirits and it was good to hear from someone back home.  I asked him about a few friends and how they were doing.  The news wasn’t good.  A mutual friend of ours, Joe and good friend of mine, had a drug problem, which I knew about but things aren’t getting better for him. Joe had stolen items from people in order to support his habit. He was good at hiding his addiction, for sure, but now everyone knew.  His family had written him off due to his drug problem.

Years ago, I was good friends with Joe.  We partied together and he was always fun to hang with.  He was the kind of person that could always crack a Joe in any situation.  People loved him.  He always had money and knew where the next party was.  He dated beautiful girls and had kind parents.  He was smart and intelligent.  I’ve had some of my best memories with Joe.

I called and Joe answered the phone. He answered and immediately starting rambling about this person and that person and so so and he how doesn’t have enough money for rent and his truck is breaking down, ect. I tried to talk to him about a plan to get the help he needed, but that didn’t go very well.  Joe told me a plan would never work and that his situation was far from any possibility of hope.  His tone was angry and resentful.  I soon realised I couldn’t help him.  I immediately called another friend and I asked him what was going on.  This friend lived close and knew Joe well.  He said he had quit talking to Joe because of his addiction a few years ago.  He told a story of how Joe’s behaviour had gotten way out of control and that he was done talking to him. I was a little shocked by all of this. I knew he had had drug problems but it never got to this point.  It saddened me.

Most of my old friends are doing well, they own business and have families, they own homes, they have pretty good lives make decent money and seem happy.  However, I do have friends that are not doing well.  They’ve succumbed to alcohol and drug abuse to the point that it’s effected their lives.  I know that things don’t always turn out good for everyone but still It doesn’t make it any easier.  I do believe it’s possible for people to turn things around no matter what the situation.

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