AIA#139 Best Tracks: Thom Yorke/Overmono remix “Not the News”



Recently, Overmono did a remix for Thom Yorke

We all know Thom Yorke is an amazing singer song writer.  Not many people will deny him of this god like status.  He’s the kind of guy that could pick up an acoustic guitar and a mic and still amaze fans. Which is interesting because his electric side is just as strong.  But I’m not here talk about Mr. Yorke.  I’d much rather discuss Overmono, the electronic duo, Two brothers Ed Russel (Tessela) and Tom Russel (Truss, MPIA3). The two create infectious beats and songs that dabble and overlap genres of electronic music.  They infuse sounds ranging from experimental, house, hip hop, raw drums and IDM that delight the ear over and over again.  Think Autechre with a little more form and and accessibility.  Overmono dance the edge of experimental but still keep you listening with repeated specks of sounds and music.

Check out the remix they did for Thom York’s “Not The News”.  It’s actually more Overmono than York.  The electronic duo make it look so easy with synths, and soft dotted beats, It’s a the kind of song you can play at parties and every one will like it.  Then afterwards your friends will ask, “Hey, what’s that track?”.

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