I know a lot of expats like this…

Its Saturday here in Beijing and the pollen has got me down…But life is good. Really good.  Why?  Because I have an awesome job.  My peers are kind, my students delightful, I couldn’t ask for a better job.

I’ve taught in 6 countries and I can say its been tough but I’ve had some good times.  I’ve met amazing people and see amazing things…


Sometimes when I land in a new country I have to pinch myself…it all feels like a dream.  But to be honest I’ve waited to do something different.  Even if its part-time,  That’s why I love doing youtube videos because I’m the boss and I don’t have to wait around for anyone.  As long as I have an iPhone and internet I can make a video.  I can create something and some times people watch it.  That’s why the video above by Grey, Grizzle and Gaijin struck a cord in me.  He talks about his conversation with another expat and the expat wishes he could do something else.  But every year he keeps wishing.  Well…I’ve been that gaijin.  Sure i’ve done research into other things but as far as investing some money and time into actually doing it…I’ve failed.


It’s part of the reason why I started this blog. I know its tough to make money online but it is possible.  As he states in the video…people do it everyday!  But not with out work.   I knew a guy that put 10 years into his now successful online business.


As the saying goes…”Half the battle is showing up!”

Good Morning, Beijing

Today I woke up and went to the convince store because I was out of coffee and water.  Which is my breakfast. I bought a coffee and it tasted horrible so I went back down and bought a different brand (actually its a Japanese brand).  It’s hit or miss sometimes in Asia when it comes to food, as you can imagine.


I met my Japanese teacher for my weekly lesson and of course she makes the lesson really difficult.  But that’s part of the reason why I pay her, because she pushes me hard.  And it’s for an hour and a half.  I went to a Japanese language meet up on Saturday and their level was wayyyy better than mine but I could understand a few words here and there.  And sometimes I could understand sentences and respond!!!!   So I was kind happy about that!  Afterwards my brain feels like mush and I usually walk around the city afterwards to decompress.  Walking in Asian cities is kind of my hobby!  I love to see the people out and what they are wearing, the street vendors selling snacks and magazines, the food delivery guys on motor bikes, the business men out to lunch ect.


I remember when I was back in the States for a little while and going into downtown Minneapolis on Saturday and the the place was dead.  Not like a few people around, like nobody was around.  And think about it Minneapolis is a major US city so think about other smaller cities and dead they must be.  It’s a shame to because it could be happening but….there’s a lack of public transportation.  You see in Asian cities they will build shopping and cultural areas around the subways stations.  So it creates more vibrant cities.


Ace in Asia

3331 Arts Chiyoda アーツ千代田3331

Art Museum in Chiyoda. Looks cool!

the tokyo files 東京ファイル

Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda アーツ千代田3331

Website: http://www.3331.jp/

Description: Former school, now a wonderful space for art galleries and other creative activities.

Location: Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo(map), just west of Suehirochō Station 末広町駅 station (Ginza line), and south of Yushima Station 湯島駅 (Chiyoda line)


The lobby cafe

Art installation:

An art exhibition

An ingenious piece of art made entirely out of vials of sand.

  • Title: 積層の視点 / 群衆 (2012) “Stacked view / crowd”
  • Artist: 藤村幹

Art made from grains of rice:

Remnants of the old school: gymnasium still in-use, and a rooftop athletic space


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Interview w/ JJ

I had an awesome interview about teaching ESL and living in Bangkok with JJ today!  He lived in Bangkok for 6 years teaching ESL there.  He has a lot of insight into hunting to find ESL teaching jobs in Thailand.  We also got into budgeting and the cost of living in Bangkok.  If you are thinking about teaching or living in Thailand check out this interview!  I actually learned a lot myself.  People that have living in another country for more than a few years have a lot of good information and JJ is one of them.  You see living overseas can be tricky because there are so many things we don’t know as expats.  Little things can make a huge difference in your lifestyle as and expat in Thailand or Asia.   If you guys like this video let me know in the comments section.  Peace! Ace in Asia.

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