Creativity and money

I was making a video for my youtube channel (Ace in Asia)

…. And I got to thinking about success and money.. I asked my self this question.

“Would making more money make me happy?”

Untitled design-2.jpg

I don’t think money creates happiness, you see a lot of rich people commit suicide and become alcoholics.  However, I do believe making more more money creates a better life because it leads to having more freedom and being able to do more of what you want, like take a trip to Sweden or live in a nice house in a good neighbourhood.  Driving a Porsche would make me happy for a short period of time, but ultimately friends, family and doing things of individual is interested are much more likely to lead to happiness.

Creating has always brought me fulfilment.  When I am creating a youtube video and finish designing the thumbnail, do the editing and upload it, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I’ve done something on my own for me and no one else.  Writing is good too but my writing isn’t as good as my videos.

I’m getting older and that’s fine but I see other you tubers in Asia making a living just doing videos and I was to do the same.   It’s still a job.  You have to work on your videos and promote yourself and live stream, and do your editing, so it’s still Work! But it would be work I enjoy a little more! And the feeling of reaching my goal as an independent you tuber would give me a sense of fulfilment.


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