AIA#60 “Blah title” and job seeking advice for losers

Now I’m listening to some music and writing this in my kitchen here in Hangzhou.

I’m alone out here in the suburbs of Hangzhou and it can get difficult some days…

(There’s a book called How to be alone by Jonathan Franzen which is an epic book of essays some of which are about being alone.)

Screenshot 2019-04-20 at 9.02.36 AM.png

I’m human and I get lonely sometimes but yesterday I heard a great quote,

“In order to move on we have to be grate for what we have.”  

Immediately, I thought about all the things I have and can do and have done.  I have a great family and friends and I’ve been so many places and I have a job.  I’m lucky to have found yoga and breathing work and the ability to heal myself.

I’m not always happy I get upset at life and when things don’t work out it gets me down, just like everyone else.  It’s hard to be the stoic. Many times I go back home and people are always complaining about not having enough money or not enough that. People with nice houses and cars and furniture.  Some of these people aren’t taking any action to change that.  So do they really want to change or is it more comfortable to complain to everyone?

I have a friend back home who was looking for work. He talked about his job search a lot and his frustrations. Every time I asked him about his job search he would get a sad look on his face and say, “Well… I can’t make the right connections…. It’s so hard to meet the right people…. I can’t… ”  I felt bad for the guy.  I really did.  But something told me he should be doing something else.  Like something he likes to do or always wanted to do.  Like run a marathon or go bowling or meditate or collect stamps or take a road trip to Toronto, anything but the job search.

I believe hobbies and recreation and leisure is all highly underrated time.  Too much time is spent watching Netflix.

When we do other stuff we get out of our heads and don’t think so much.

Not thinking is really great! Especially when you feel like you hitting a wall.

Many years ago before the Macintosh computer was created Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class for fun.  This was before the advent of typefaces on the computer.  After the class he got inspired to create the first Macintosh which incorporated various type styles and sizes for the user.  Steve Jobs taking that class revolutionised computers in 1986.

Peace and Love to all, -Ace in Asia

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