AIA#83 How to Survive as an Expat in Asia


Living in Asia is great! But it can be tough too.

The language barrier as many other barriers, can take their toll.

Some people have trouble with the food, like they don’t get to eat buffalo wings on Friday nights with their friends, ect.  They love it but talk about how much they miss their favourite sports bar or holiday or food or whatever.

I’m no different.

I miss things like driving a car, Vegan restaurants and they don’t always show the movies I want to see at the theatre here.  So yes,  I do miss some stuff from the US as well.

You have t make do with what you have.  Find foods you enjoy, get into hobbies you like to do.  Photography, writing and language learning are all things you can do alone.

Make an effort to meet other people

I knew a couple that were in Beijing.  They didn’t like it and I sympathised with them but they never made an effort to meet other people.  It can be tough if your not used to meeting strangers.

Meet up is a good way to meet people and it’s active in most countries.  There are many Meet up groups that are run by expats in Korea, Japan and Thailand.  Language groups are popular bu there are hiking groups and drawing groups, you name it.



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