AIA#122 The Lazy Vacation Man


I also had a few days extra off this week.  I was going to go to Shanghai for a day or two but could stand the thought of travelling even for an hour.  Lots of standing in line at the speed train station and they are so crowded.  Ugh.  But I loved every minute of it.  I’d wake up take shower get dressed and head to Starbucks.  Recently, I’ve been on the job hunt since my contract will end here in February of 2020.  Then I’d head to the cafeteria for some food and back home. I did do some exploring of the city though.  Maybe, I’m getting older or just still feeling the effects of all the travel I did in August.  I covered a lot of ground in Thailand and Cambodia.  And coming home took over 24 hours with flight and the speed train back home.  That kind of travel time takes it out of me now days.  Anyway, I’m back at work today.

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