AIA#128 … “She laughed while I tried to speak Chinese..”. Rant



I used to get the question a lot from people,  “How do you like China?”.

As I write this I remember the words of my good friend Merza,  “Don’t be hating!”  He used to say.  So I’ll try my best not to make this hateful, but critical.

Living in China is a bit strange because the old China and new China are kind of at odds with each other.  The China is and economic power house that has exceeded expectations beyond anything.

Rude people

People in China have manners but they’re not your manners.  In others words when someone looks at you a certain way or refuses to give you directions it’s not because they are an A-hole it’s the way they have been brought up and it’s all they know.  It’s just the way it is.  At times that doesn’t make it an easier.  Of course not everyone is like that.

At one point at Starbucks, I used my Chinese and said, “May I have some ice water?”  The woman that worked their laughed and joked to the other employees about my Chinese.  Obviously, this didn’t happen often, but it did happen and should give you an idea of what it was like to live there.

Other things included dirty streets, trash everywhere.

Once I applied fro a job in a village in Northern Beijing.  I’ve been a lot of places in my life but this place was absolutely filthy, trash and old newspapers on the ground, discarded old bicycles everywhere, it looked like a war zone and I’ll never forget it.  I was never so happy to not get hired.

Security Guards

Security guards are just about everywhere, especially in Beijing.  At a clothing store in Beijing, I remember security guards constantly eyeing me.  It’s something you have to experience as it’s difficult to put in words.  They are just not at all friendly looking and put out a very negative vibe.

Good things about living in China

Cheap to live.  Cheap food.  Fresh fruit places everywhere.  Some very good food.

Lots of industry and good things happening economically.

Lots of public Transportation and easy to get around.

Great shopping.  Easy to find cheap goods, like just about anything.

Some decent sight seeing can be found if you look a little.

New parts of cities are nicer and cleaner than old parts.

Lots of interesting opportunities business wise.

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